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 Post subject: Chamber Music Topic Index
PostPosted: Sat Aug 15, 2009 11:17 pm 
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Chamber Music Forum

Topic Index
Principal (but not all) topics...

Various general
The Great String Quintets
Melmoth's Salon Masterpieces, Part I
Melmoth's Salon Masterpieces, Part II
Other Organ Treasures
Trumpet Chamber Music
What the fugue?
Whys and Wherefores of the Pipe Organ

By Composer:

Bach, J.C.
Piano Sonatas

Bach, J.S.
Cello Suites
Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue
Clavierübung I (Six Partitas for Keyboard)
Clavierübung II (Italian Concerto & French Overture)
Clavierübung III (Organ Mass)
Clavierübung IV (Goldberg Variations)
Flute Partita in A Minor, BWV 1013
Kunst Der Fugue, Die (The Art of Fugue)
Musical Offering, The
Solo Oran Works
Toccata & Fugue in D minor
Violin Sonatas & Partitas
Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1

Bach, W.F.
Keyboard Works

The Six String Quartets

Piano Sonata

Beethoven/Mozart quintets for piano and winds
Anh. 5 Sonatina by Beethoven?
Anh. 6 Piano Rondo by Beethoven?
Breakthrough findings for the last sonata?
Final piano work - Bagetelle in F Minor
Beethoven Fortepiano Showcase
The 'Lost Quartet'
The Diabelli Variations "the greatest of all piano works"?
Which Finale for Op. 130?

Op. 1 Three Piano Trios
Op. 2 Three Piano Sonatas
Op. 3 String Trio in E-Flat Major
Op. 4 String Quintet
Op. 5 Two Cello Sonatas
Op. 6 Four-Hand Piano Sonata in D Major
Op. 7 Piano Sonata in E-Flat Major
Op. 8 Serenade in D Major
Op. 9 Three String Trios
Op. 10 Three Piano Sonatas
Op. 11 Clarinet Trio in B-Flat Major
Op. 12 Three Sonatas for Violin & Piano
Op. 13 Piano Sonata in C Minor "Pathetique"
Op. 14 Two Piano Sonatas
Op. 16 Quintet for Piano & Winds in E-Flat Major; Piano Quartet arr.
Op. 17 Sonata in F Major for French Horn or Cello
Op. 18 Six String Quartets
Op. 20 Septet in E-Flat Major
Op. 22 Piano Sonata in B-Flat Major
Op. 23 Violin & Piano Sonata in A Minor
Op. 24 Violin & Piano Sonata in F Major "Spring"
Op. 25 Serenade for Flute, Violin, & Viola in D Major
Op. 26 Piano Sonata in A-Flat Major
Op. 27 Two Sonatas for Piano "Quasi una fantasia"
Op. 28 Piano Sonata in D Major "Pastoral"
Op. 29 String Quintet in C Major
Op. 30 Three Violin & Piano Sonatas
Op. 31 Three Piano Sonatas, incl. "Tempest"
Op. 33 Seven Bagatelles
Op. 34 Six Variations on an original theme
Op. 35 Variations and Fugue on an original theme
Op. 38 Clarinet Trio in E-Flat Major
Op. 39 Two Preludes for Piano or Organ
Op. 42 Notturno for Viola and Piano in D-Major
Op. 44 Fourteen Variations for Piano Trio
Op. 45 Three Grand Marches for Piano
Op. 47 Violin & Piano Sonata in A Major "Kreutzer"
Op. 49 Two Piano Sonatas
Op. 51 Two Piano Rondos
Op. 53 Piano Sonata in C Major "Waldstein", WoO57 "Andante favori"
Op. 54 Piano Sonata in F Major
Op. 57 Piano Sonata in F Minor "Appassionata"
Op. 59 Three String Quartets "Razumovsky"
Op. 66 Cello & Piano Variations
Op. 69 Cello & Piano Sonata in A Major
Op. 70 Two piano trios, incl. "Ghost"
Op. 71 Wind sextet in E flat major
Op. 74 String Quartet in E flat major "Harp"
Op. 76 Six variations for piano on an original theme
Op. 77 Fantasia for piano in G minor
Op. 78 Piano sonata in F sharp major
Op. 79 Piano sonata in G major
Op. 81a Piano sonata in E flat major "Lebewohl"
Op. 81b Sextet for horns and string quartet in E flat major
Op. 87 Trio for 2 Oboes & English Horn in C major
Op. 89 Polonaise for piano in C major
Op. 90 Piano Sonata in E minor
Op. 95 String Quartet in F minor "Quartetto Serioso"
Op. 96 Sonata for Violin & Piano in G major
Op. 97 Piano Trio in B flat major "Archduke"
Op. 101 Piano Sonata in A major
Op. 102 Two Sonatas for Cello and Piano
Op. 103 Wind Octet in E flat major
Op. 105 Variations on Six Folksongs for Piano and Flute
Op. 106 Piano Sonata in B flat major "Hammerklavier"
Op. 107 Variations on Ten Folksongs for Piano and Flute
Op. 109 Piano Sonata in E major
Op. 110 Piano Sonata in A flat major
Op. 111 Piano Sonata in C minor
Op. 119 Eleven Bagatelles
Op. 120 Thirty Three Variations on a Waltz by Anton Diabelli, Op.120
Op. 126 Six Bagatelles
Op. 121a Piano Trio in G major "Kakadu Variations"
Op. 127 String Quartet in E-flat major
Op. 129 Rondo a Capriccio for Piano in G major
Op. 130 String Quartet in B flat major
Op. 131 String Quartet in C sharp minor
Op. 132 String Quartet in A minor
Op. 133 String Quartet in B flat major "Große Fuge"
Op. 134 "Große Fuge" Piano 4 hands arr.
Op. 135 String Quartet in F Major
Op. 137 Fugue for String Quintet in D major

WoO 32 Duet "With Two Eyeglasses Obbligato"
WoO 36 & 37 Three Piano Quartets & Trio
WoO 39 Piano Trio in B flat
WoO 43 & 44 Sonatinas for Mandolin & Piano
WoO 59 Bagatelle in A minor "Für Elise"
WoO 28, 40, 44/2, 45, 46 Variations for Duo/Trio
WoO 63, 64, 65, 66 Variations for Piano
WoO 68, 69, 70, 71 Variations for Piano
WoO 72, 73, 75, 76 Variations for Piano
WoO 77, 78, 79, 80 Variations for Piano

String Quartets

The Rosary (Mystery) Sonatas

Flute Quintets
Guitar Quintets
'Luigi Boccherini'

String Quartet No.2 in D major "Nocturne"

Albumblatt in A minor
Cello Sonatas
Clarinet Quintet in B minor, Op. 115
Four-Hand Piano Arrangements
Handel Variations & Fugue, Op. 24
Horn Trio, Op. 40
Piano Pieces, Op. 116 - 119
Piano Quartets, Opp. 25, 26, 60
Piano Sonatas, Op. 1 - 3
Piano Trio in B major, Op. 8
String Quartets Op. 51 & 67
String Sextets Op. 18 & 36
Violin Sonatas Op. 78, 100 & 108

Legend for Violin and Piano

Classic Plink-Plonk Music

String Quartet No. 3

Sonatas for Three Celli

String Quartets

Piano Études, Polonaises, Impromptus
Piano Sonata No. 1 in C minor, Op. 4
Piano Sonata No. 2 in B flat minor, Op. 35 ('Funeral March')
Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor, Op. 58
Piano Rondos

Solo Piano Works

Black Angels, (Thirteen Images from the Dark Land)

Sonata for Horn & Piano, Op. 28

Étude retrouvée

String Quartet No. 12 in F major, Op. 96 "American"

String Quartet in C Minor, Op. 3

Sicilienne, Op.78
Sonata for Piano and Cello No.1, Op.109

Sonata for Violin and Piano in A major, M.8

Slåtter, Op. 72
String Quartet in G Minor, Op. 27

6 Trio Sonatas, Op. 2
7 Trio Sonatas, Op. 5
8 Grand Suites & Chaconne for Harpsichord
9 Suites for Harpsichord
Flute Sonatas
Oboe Sonatas
Recorder Sonatas
Violin Sonatas

Haydn, F.J.
String Quartets, Op. 76
String Quartets, Op. 77
Piano Music

Fantasie Op.18
Piano Trios
Sonata for Mandolin & Piano Op.37

String Quartets

Grand Galop Chromatique
Piano arrangements of Beethoven's Symphonies
Piano Sonata in B minor

Couplets de Folies

Cello Sonatas Nos 1 & 2
Fantasia-Sonata in F-Sharp Minor, Op. 28
Miscellaneous Marvels
Octet for strings in E flat major, Op. 20
Piano Trio No. 1 in D minor, Op. 49
String Quartet No. 2 in A minor, Op. 13
String Quartet No. 6 in F minor, Op. 80

Quartet for the End of Time

Mozart, W.A.
Adagio and Fugue in C minor, K. 546
Clarinet Quintet in A Major, K.581
Divertimento K.522, "A Musical Joke"
Divertimento for string trio in E flat major, K.563
Fantasia in C minor, K475. Is this piece atypical of him?
Mozart/Beethoven quintets for piano and winds
Harpsichord Suite, K. 399
Organ Works
Complete Piano Sonatas and Fantasias
Piano Variations
'Prussian' Quartets
Piano Quartets Nrs 1 & 2
Rondos for Piano
Serenade in G major K. 525, "Eine kleine Nachtmusik"
String Quartet No.19 in C, K. 465 'Dissonance'
String Quintets

'Pictures at an Exhibition' for Piano

Canon and Gigue in D major, T.337

Lady Radnor's Suite

Prussian Quartets

Terpsichore Musarum

Sonata for Flute/Violin and Piano in D major, Op. 94/94a

Morceaux de Fantaisie, Op. 3
Preludes for Piano
Sonata for Cello and Piano in G minor, Op. 19
Variations on a Theme of Chopin, Op. 22

Pièces de Clavecin en Concerts

Piano Trio in A minor
Sonata Movement for Violin and Piano in A minor
Suite for Piano "Miroirs"

Cello Suites
Chamber Music

Carnival of the Animals
Sonatas for Cello & Piano

Piano Miniatures

2 Sonatas in F

Schubert and the Fortepiano
Quintet in A major, D.667 "Trout"
Fantasia for Piano in C major, D.760 "Wanderer"
Piano Trios D.898 and D.929
Fantasia for Piano Four Hands in F minor, D.940
3 'Marches Militaires' for piano 4 hands
Piano Sonata in C minor, D.958
Piano Sonata in A major, D.959
Piano Sonata in B flat major, D.960
Rondo for Violin and String Quartet in A Major, D.438
String Quartet in D minor 'Death and the Maiden', D.810
String Quintet in C major, D.956

Piano Sonata No.2 in G minor, Op. 22
Piano Quintet in E flat major, Op. 44
Piano Quartet in E-flat Major, Op. 47

Complete Piano Works

String Quartet No. 2 in A Major, Op. 68
String Quartet No. 8 in C minor, Op. 110

String Octet

4 Etudes Op. 4

'Giuseppe Tartini'

Violin Fantasias

Op. 1, Twelve Trio Sonatas
Op. 2, Twelve Violin Sonatas
Op. 5, Six Sonatas

Baroque Lute

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